Kernel Oil founded by Widodo Ratanachaithong produces palm oil



Widodo Ratanachaithong is no doubt a successful business man

Widodo Ratanachaithong is a great industrialist. He is famous for his palm kernel oil and its products. The kernel oil is obtain from a unique crop called “oil palm” which produces two distinct oil. ‘Oil palm’ is a fruit of palm tree which is available at Singapore in abundant quantity. After going through different processes the kernel of the fruit produce the kernel palm oil. The mill after getting the fruit separate parts that are fruit fibers, free moisture and nut shell. Where the nut shell are further processed to get the kernel palm oil.

Products of kernel oil pvt ltd are good in quality. Kernel Oil provides so much variety of products.

Kernel Oil- A great establishment of Widodo Ratanachaithong

Widodo Ratanachaithong is a great industrialist. He is the owner and founder of Kernel Oil Pvt Ltd. He established his business and took it to a great level.The most famous product of Widod Ratanachaithong is kernel Palm Oil. The company has maintained the latest innovations and exploited the technology to its maximum while taking advantage of the opportunities at the right times in order to achieve the highest quality in all four phases of oil industry: exploration, refining, production and distribution. In addition to this, it is considered to be the biggest supplier of Singapore’s energy needs while having a significant positive impact on its national capital.

Widodo Ratanachaithong founded Kernel Oil Pte Ltd in 2006

Kernel Oil Pte Ltd was founded by Widodo Ratanachaithong in 2006. Its headquarters are situated in Singapore. This company trades the crude oil from the far east region and the places including Persian gulf, Mediterranean and west Africa. The company is also observed to provide natural gas liquids which include liquefied petroleum gases, ethane and petrochemical naphtha. Kernel oil Pte limited is one of the few oil and gas companies which are famous in whole world. Widodo Ratanachaithong Kernel Oil owner has brought laurels to this company by his day and night work.


Kernel Oil has been trading in products that are quite difficult and complex to produce because of numerous legal and environmental rules and legislations. However, the company has always maintained a fine record in this regard and been known for its environment friendly practices. The owner, Widodo Ratanachaitong, himself ensures the fine and safe running of the whole system.

Kernel Oil owned by Widodo Ratanachaithong has proven itself several times

Singapore is considered as the hub of oil industry in Asia. The small, yet one of the most profitable islands in the region, earns about 5% of its GDP (gross development product) from oil and gas industry. One of the largest companies is Kernel Oil Pte. Ltd. that was established in Singapore in 2006 and founded and owned by Widodo Ratanachaithong. Mr. Widodo Ratanachaithong, originally from Sri Lanka, is a renowned and successful businessman worldwide. His unmatched talent, tremendous knowledge and professional experience for trading petroleum products places him in a strong lead over other competing rivals.

Gradually and profitably, the company has expanded in the nearby region, including Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, and as far as Africa and even some of the Mediterranean regions. The firm not only deals in the crude oil, but various other products like the natural gas, paraffin wax, green coke and numerous other lubricants are also being offered by the company. However, the most paramount product of this company is palm kernel oil which is extracted from palm oil. This oil is, in turn, used in the production of two different kinds of oils. Oil palm is extracted from a tree called the palmist, which is found in abundance in Singapore. This oil then goes through a series of many comprehensive procedures. Fruit from the palmist tree is used to separate all the parts from each other like fruit fiber, nut shell and free moisture. Then the nut shell is used to produce the oil which can be utilized. This oil is yellow or white in color with a considerable flavorful taste and aroma. It contains iodine of about 14 to 21% and lauric acid of about 40%. This kernel palm oil comes in handy in the production of many products like beauty products, soaps, cosmetics and foodstuffs such as butter, ghee and chocolate.

Inspiring people

Most of the people in the world are blue collar workers, daily paid employees, officers, managers but on the top of everything fewest people get chance to get into the league of leaders who rule the world because of their leadership skills, management skills, information skills, creative minds and much more infinite qualities possessed by one individual. It’s really not easy to cope with all the stress in today’s market and maintain a distinct place among many other organizations and skim all the profit or create environment of monopoly. But there are some entrepreneurs who managed to do so in such a dynamic international market. Widodo Ratanachaithog is one of the names in the world of industries. He is one of the recognized business tycoons of 21st century.


Widodo is the president trading director of kernel oil PTE limited situated in Singapore deals in various kinds of fossil oils and other types of oils. Kernal oil Pte limited offers many oil products like oil residue, hydrocarbons, oil, gas oil, fuel, kerosene oil, base oil, naphtha, fossils, gas, asphalt. This oil company also deals with natural gas which includes liquefied petroleum gases, ethane and petrochemical napthana. They make hydrogenated palm oil successfully and it’s very difficult to get the job done because of the laws and legitimate rules applied on the process.

Best Pictures of Kernel Oil Pte Limited Products


The company finds itself at a secure state since there’s less or nearly zero risk of anyone taking a lead over Kernel Oil. The company produces the mandatory energy for the planet market, particularly for the national company. Kernel core activity is the commerce of fossil oil and its derivatives. The company handles varied product of fossil oil derived from the region, the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean and geographic area.


Its products are the hydrocarbon residue, petrol, gas, fuel oil, high speed diesel, naphtha. The corporate conjointly provides organic compound product, like gas, Polytam, benzene, sublimate terephthalic acid, up to paraxylene and different chemical product. Kernel Oil conjointly produces gas, like liquefied crude oil gas, ethane, and organic compound solvent and atmospheric phenomenon.

Kernel Oil Widodo Ratanachaithong

Kernel Oil as the name suggests is incorporation with its headquarters in Singapore being established in the year 2006 is the development of Widodo Ratanchaithong a successful entrepreneur in the field of business. This personality has been dealing in the field of petroleum related products with an experience of many years and this experience and expertise on his part has made him take the lead among other traders of petroleum.

He has not only established the name of Kernel Oil in Singapore but he also has his subsidiaries in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. He  has been exporting his petroleum products in several other countries too and also plans to make the name widespread throughout the world very soon. The Kernel Oil not only deals in the crude oil, in fact a number of other products like the natural gas, paraffin wax, green coke and several other lubricants are also being offered by the business.

Kernel Oil – Success That Pays Off!

The major matter that needs consideration in the context of the petroleum industry is that of environmental practices that are as per the regulations and do not harm any individual or environment. However, as per the records of the at Kernel Oil Widodo Ratanachaithong makes sure that these practices are being maintained by the company and a clear and concise environmental system has been maintained and overseen by the owner and managing director Widodo Ratanchaithong. He has maintained the entire system in a way that never crosses the boundaries defined by the environmental legislation and has also trained the staff in a relevant way to adhere by the policies.

Kernel Oil is an establishment that has been known widely for friendly and ethical practices, Widodo Ratanchaithong has always maintained a relationship of friendliness among his employees and a clear channel of communication as well. At Kernel Oil Widodo Ratanachaithong gives a lot of importance to the employees and that is the major cause of the utmost success as well.

Kernel Oil has always taken into account the best practices of conducting the business and till date keeps on making sufficient efforts as well to keep in line with the globally acceptable practices and at the same time matches up with the expectations of the customers as well. The company exploits the technology as well as operational opportunities and with the help of latest innovations has been able to take the lead among other competitors. They know it very well that they have created their monopoly in the petroleum sector of Singapore and there is a less or almost none of the chance for any competitor to evolve at this level. However, they believe that their extra ordinary investment in every context of the business will pay them off and this is definitely the case as well in the sector. In case of the petroleum industry the heavy investments and the legal and governmental legislations create a huge barrier and the companies might deter to enter in the league due to the fear of  being thrown out, however, knowing the fact the Kernel Oil has always showed its best and offers to be a pioneer.


Widodo Ratanachaitong

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World oil production doubled several times, to a total of 2 billion tons.According to Porter’s five forces, the threat of new entrants in the industry is low because barriers to entry include high capital costs, economies of scale, distribution channels as well as complicated technologies and regulations. On the other side, the business rivalry is very high because of the nature of the business. Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong of Kernel Oil Pte Ltd, “we establish competitive advantage through technological and operational efficiencies in the areas of network of suppliers and trading functions. In addition, our operational efficiencies are the main goals that make Kernel Oil Pte Ltd a profitable business. We also support large number of jobs in the industry, contributing national capital and supplying a vast majority of the country’s energy needs”